• Ever since the scientists at NASA discovered that skin cells regenerated 150 to 200 percent faster when exposed to certain light emitting diodes (LED), they have used LEDs to maintain the health of their astronauts’ skin. LEDs have since also benefited military and civilian populations in the treatment of burns, non healing fractures, muscle and bone atrophy and various wounds.
  • Electron microscopic studies have demonstrated that LEDs not only directly stimulate the cells responsible for collagen production, but, amazingly, also decrease collagen degradation. This is called photomodulation.
  • These amazing effects help reverse the appearance of aging skin including fine wrinkles and sallow tone, and give the skin a smooth and dewy look.
  • LED Photomodulation does not rely on heat production and therefore is 100% pain and risk free. It is safe for all skin types.
  • Because of its benefits, we follow all laser treatments in our office with a complimentary GentleWaves treatment
  • As a stand alone treatment, it is performed once a week for 8 weeks, then once a month thereafter.
  • Results are progressive. Interestingly, young sun damaged skin responds the fastest.
  • GentleWaves treatment should be part of any preventative skin regimen, especially in the young.
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