Isolaz Profusion Acne

The Science 

  • The Isolaz Profusion System is the only FDA approved device to treat comedonal and pustular acne.
  • It is an innovative therapy based on the photopneumatic concept which uses vacuum to clear pores of clogging material and skin debris while simultaneously delivering laser light that kills acne causing bacteria.
  • Isolaz is manufactured by the Aesthera Corporation, Pleasanton, CA.

The Indicators

  • Comedonal and pustular acne
  • Deep pore purification


The Treatment

  • Appropriate eye protection is provided
  • Sessions take 15 minutes and are repeated every 2 weeks for 3 to 5 treatments.
  • Two passes are made over the entire face or other acne affected areas. A vacuum gently lifts the acne impurities closer to the skin’s surface and extract the whiteheads and blackheads. In a fraction of a second, a painless laser helps destroy acne causing bacteria, shrink pore size and decrease oil production.
  • Pustules are then individually treated with extra passes in order to empty their content  and get better exposure to the laser light
  • Patients often obtain dramatic improvement early on.
  • The more resistant patients are treated with additional photodynamic therapy.



  • Appropriate eye protection is provided
  • Treatments are painless and there is no down time.
  • The skin feels smoother and tighter immediately after treatment.
  • Isolaz treatments are suitable for all skin types and all seasons.
  • Treatments can be performed while still on topical and/or oral medications.
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  • Coolsculpting
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