Did You Know?

Can laptops cause a rash?
Keep a distance between you and your laptop. Prolonged contact between your skin and the hot under surface of you laptop can create a condition called “erythema ab igne”, literally meaning “redness by fire”. It presents as an unattractive net-like reddish brown discoloration of the front of the thighs. Caveat! The same thing can happen anywhere a heating pad is applied for too long.

Botox for 30 years?
An ENT journal recently published the results of a biopsy taken from the crow’s feet of a patient who had been treated with Botox regularly for 30 years. The muscle tissue appeared 100% normal. There was zero evidence of any atrophy. Scientists knew that all along, but it is always nice to prove it under the microscope.

Melanoma alert: newest areas of concern

  • Increased incidence in young women, because of tanning bed use.
  • Increased mortality in males over 50, because of delayed diagnosis.
  • One in 60 can now expect to develop malignant melanoma during his or her lifetime in the US, as opposed to one in 250 in 1980.
  • More than 60,000 cases of invasive melanomas and more than 50,000 in situ melanomas will be diagnosed this year.
  • More than 600,000 Americans are living with melanoma right now.
  • A helpful guide to the use of your child’s creams:

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