Skin Care

Maintaining healthy, vibrant skin is a discipline which becomes part of one’s daily grooming. A proper skin care regimen should repair, enhance and protect your skin. It should include ingredients which:

  • enhance the self repair of DNA damage incurred by previous and present sun exposure
  • quench free radicals
  • stimulate the collagen and elastic tissue layers
  • maintain increased skin turnover and even out pigmentation
  • hydrate the epidermis
  • protect the skin from the penetration of ultraviolet light and noxious substances
  • make your skin feel and look good


That is a tall order to fill, yet realizable thanks to products resulting from dermatological research. Some of these are available over the counter, some require a prescription, others can be found only in a dermatologist’s office. Most of the products we recommend to our patients are based on documented scientific research and clinical performance.

It continually amazes us to see how even intelligent patients can be convinced by someone with zero understanding or education in skin physiology and tissue response, to discard their dermatologist recommended skin regimen for a fortune’s worth of nonsense! It is the ultimate Madison Avenue triumph of image over substance. Even though there is a plethora of superb products available over the counter, please let us help you in devising the right regimen for your skin. So, until we meet, be good to your skin: protect it from the sun, do not use tanning booths… ever, don’t smoke and avoid excessive alcohol.

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