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Some guys just project worry, stress or a bad mood even though that is not what they feel like inside.

Yet, that is how they come across.

Getting Botox is the easiest treatment of all. It doesn’t take any prep except for us to cleanse your skin. The treatment consists of 5 to 10 tiny little pin pricks. That’s it. You can pick and choose which wrinkles you want keep and which ones you want to eliminate.

Within a week, that scary frown will be wiped off your face.

Really deep ones may require a bit of filler.

Added bonus: no sweaty forehead during stressful presentations or bad news announcements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Permafrown is a term used to describe deep, wrinkled lines surrounding the lips and mouth. These lines make it appear as if a person’s lips are regularly downturned, causing what is called a permafrown.

Believe it or not, botox is one of the best procedures to eliminate permafrown. This non-invasive treatment involves just a few pricks with a small needle. Botox even allows you to specifically target the wrinkles you wish to get rid of. As a result, you can minimize the effects of aging while still maintaining a natural look.

There is no downtime after Botox and you will not have any activity restrictions. The only follow-up you will need is to return after several months for another treatment.

When men get Botox to fix a permafrown, they may also experience positive side effects such as less sweating. They can take it one step further by getting Botox around the eyes (to eliminate crow’s feet), in the forehead, and between the eyes. This is a great way to minimize the effects of aging on the face.