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Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal (LHR) has been around now for almost 25 years and has proven to be safe and effective when performed by qualified operators.

The Palomar Vectus Laser is considered the most effective, most comfortable and safest hair removal laser. The larger spot size allows for faster treatment of larger areas such as the back and thighs. Its proprietary Skintel Melanin Reader automatically reads your skin type and determines the perfect treatment settings for you.

The treatment is more comfortable today than in the past, but patients can still use a numbing cream if they so desire.

  • During treatment, the laser beam traverses the skin until it reaches the pigment in the hair root. The interaction between the two shatters and partially destroys the hair matrix. Over the ensuing 2 weeks, the pulverized hair is slowly eliminated and the follicle tries to repair. With every subsequent treatment, the hair follicle shrinks and the resulting new hair becomes smaller in diameter and lighter in color until it looks like peach fuzz.
  • At any point in time, 30% of hair follicles are dormant and therefore not amenable to treatment. Location of the hair determines the speed of the hair cycle. Facial hair grows much faster than leg hair and therefore requires more frequent and more numerous sessions. Number of sessions may vary from 4 to 10.
  • Black hair on white skin responds the best.
  • White, gray and red hairs do not respond to any of the hair removal lasers. However, newly designed color particles are being developed to enhance absorption deep within the hair follicle and so become a better target for the laser beam. STAY TUNED

Frequently Asked Questions

Laser hair removal can eliminate unwanted hair from the bikini/groin, back, underarms, legs, lip, and chin.

To be about 95% hairless, you will likely need between three and seven treatments in a particular area. This is dependent both on how thick and how dark your hair is. It is important to note that current laser hair technology does not allow for the removal of gray, red, or white hair.

In short, no. However, laser hair removal is a very effective way to put the hair follicles in a certain part of the body to sleep. While sessions will not leave you entirely hairless in one area, laser hair removal will significantly cut down on the amount of unsightly hairs a person has. People also report that when hairs grow back, they are finer, lighter, and overall less frequent.

The average cost for each session is $389. This means most people will pay a total of $1,150 to $2,700, depending on how many sessions their dermatologist recommends.