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Emsculpt uses HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic energy) to simultaneously increase abdominal muscle thickness and decrease abdominal fat. Emsculpt is FDA cleared, safe, and backed by human MRI, CT scans and Ultrasound studies.

Dual applicators available for wider abdomens.


  • Abdominal muscle toning and shaping
  • Buttocks toning and lifting
  • Unwanted fat abdomen
  • Science-backed, natural safe body shaping


The treatment is best described as alternating minutes of intense but tolerable electric stim (as used in PT sessions) and tapotage (tapping). Initial sessions take 30 minutes, done twice a week for 2 weeks. There is zero pain or muscle soreness after treatment, so you can return to normal activities immediately. Muscle building is usually visible after the 4th treatment, fat loss occurs within 3 months and may continue for 6. Maintenance sessions depend on the intensity and frequency of your own gym sessions. Gym enthusiasts might only need one every 6 to 12 months. Others would benefit from one every 3 to 4 months, especially in the beginning. These sessions are offered at a very affordable price.


Emsculpt’s electromagnetic energy creates supramaximal muscle contractions, equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes. This high frequency prevents interval muscle relaxation and, instead, triggers the immediate creation of new muscle fibrils. This intense energy also breaks down the overlying fat into free fatty acids which are slowly eliminated resulting in a gradual fat reduction months later.

The HIFEM protocol used for the buttocks does NOT reduce fat, but exclusively tones and lifts the gluteus maximus muscle.