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An FDA-cleared radiofrequency treatment to tighten loose skin.



  • Eyelid laxity
  • Body laxity
  • Full face laxity


  • Thermacool is a device that uses radiofrequency waves to safely tighten the skin without surgery.
  • Thermacool works by bulk heating the deepest layers of the skin, leaving the surface intact. This causes the collagen layers to contract over the ensuing 4 to 6 months resulting in a tightening and subtle lifting effect.
  • Thermacool is manufactured by Thermage, Inc. in Hayward, California


  • Depending on the area, your treatment may take up to an hour
  • There is no special pre-treatment prep. Non-narcotic pain medication can be taken ahead of time to feel comfortable. If so desired, patients can take advantage of our FDA-cleared Pronox, which delivers a light laughing gas
  • Each impact feels like a pinpoint of steadily rising heat, immediately followed by a cooling sensation.
  • There is zero pain and zero down time following the procedure so that patients may return to normal activities immediately.
  • Most patients need only one treatment. Patients with more laxity at the start may prefer to have multiple or extra partial treatments.
  • Results vary, but have been visible in at least 90% of patients. They usually last 2 to 3 years. Side effects are extremely rare.