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Sun damage

Uneven skin tone

Freckles and flat brown spots

Brown skin discolorations including

Benign red lesions including:

  • broken blood vessels face and trunk
  • spider vessels and angiomas
  • rosacea
  • facial redness
  • poikiloderma of Civatte = ruddy neck skin


An IPL system is a broadband light device emitting wavelengths from 515 to 1200nm

An integrated real time chiller provides skin surface cooling before, during and after each light pulse, permitting higher energy fluences to reach target tissue safely and more effectively.

Multiple wavelengths interact simultaneously with multiple targets, basically photocoagulating the abnormal red and brown pigments, leaving the normal skin color intact.

The Palomar IPL is a star among broadband light devices.  

  • spider vessels and angiomas
  • hemangiomas
  • rosacea
  • facial redness
  • poikiloderma of Civatte = ruddy neck skin


The skin is cleansed and the eyes protected

A thin layer of refrigerated coupling gel is applied to the entire treatment area to facilitate light transmission.

The chilled sapphire tip is systematically moved over the entire field delivering pulses of light into the skin.

These feel like a prickly heat sensation immediately followed by a cool sensation.

There generally is no real down time following IPL treatments.

Darker spots will turn darker immediately and flake off within a week.

Small spider veins usually shrink within days. Larger vessels may darken as a result of blood coagulation. This also disappears within a week and can be covered up

Treatments are undertaken as a series of 3 to 5, a month apart. Each session takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

*The best results are obtained when combined with other modalities such as microneedling or microchanneling.

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