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Microneedling has taken the dermatology and skincare world by storm. It is a system comprised of a sterile, single use,
automated tip made up of an array of microscopic needles which penetrate the skin to a fully controllable depth.
The micro channels thus created allow for rubbing in active ingredients which would otherwise never penetrate the skin.




•  Mild to moderate acne scarring

•  Sun damage

•  Prominent pores                                                 

•  Fine lines

The Science

Microneedling causes a controlled wound healing response, leading to beneficial effects throughout
all the skin layers. Multiple treatments have a cumulative effect. They basically are a skin fitness program,
whereby all your cells are put to work, from the stem cells to the fibroblasts which are responsible
for collagen and elastic tissue production.


Microneedling only requires 20-30 minutes of numbing. The skin is coated with a special growth factor solution.
A sliding gel is then applied and the needles are passed over the skin in multiple directions, up and down, then sideways
or in circles to ensure that the whole area is evenly treated. The best medical microneedling devices have adjustable
depth control in order to match the various thicknesses of facial skin. Multiple active ingredients can then be rubbed
into the skin via those micro channels.

Downtime is generally about 2 days.

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