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Coolsculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat-reduction treatment
that uses controlled cooling to reduce stubborn fat.



For small to moderately full fat bulges resistant to diet and exercise.

  • Abdomen/stomach
  • Flanks/love handles
  • Under the neck/ double chin
  • Inner thighs/Outer thighs
  • Back/bra fat

The Coolsculpting procedure is considered safe for all skin types. At our center, we will hold off
on treating the darkest skin types 5 and 6 until further notice because this skin type is naturally more cold sensitive.


The science of Coolsculpting was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital by Harvard’s world
leaders in laser and light technologies.

Cryo = cold, lipo = fat, lysis = breakdown, is a Greek medical term which literally means fat breakdown through cold.

Research has shown that fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than surrounding tissue. Using advanced cooling (cryo) technology, the device safely targets the fat layer and slowly crystallizes the fat cell contents. This process causes the breakdown of the cells. Fat is gradually eliminated via natural metabolic processes.


  • The area to be treated is marked and covered with a thin gel pad. The fat bulge is then gently lifted up
    between two cooling plates and remains there, painlessly, while the device does its work.
  • There is an initial intense cold feeling which gradually disappears because of the cold’s numbing effect.
  • Normally there is no discomfort post procedure. Some patients may experience a tingling sensation
    for about two weeks afterwards.
  • Results are visible within two months.
  • Depending on the initial thickness of the fat pad, more than one treatment can be performed.
  • Patients may bring a book or an iPad to help pass away the time.
  • Because there are no needles, no injections and no drugs involved, there is no aftercare.
    Patients may drive home and resume all activities.

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