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Skin Laxity

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No need to explain what it is. Everyone knows and no one likes it.

Presently, the most popular approaches are, Ulthera, especially for the neck and jaw line, Thermage for general facial tightening and Endymed Intensif for skin tautness.

Just over the horizon is a clever skin reducing treatment called Rotational Fractional Resection or Micro-excision.  An array of sharp micro-tubules punches out little bits of skin without scarring and with minimal downtime. This clever micro-coring technique eliminates 5% of lax skin per session. This should absolutely revolutionize our approach to skin reduction.

Loose Body Skin

The most common body skin concern is loose inner upper arm and inner upper thigh skin, virtually always in women. Next in line are “jelly belly” skin and wrinkles above the knees.

One of the best ways to tackle loose belly skin is Thermage. Knees and inner thighs have shown a moderate response to Ulthera. Especially in combination with a radiofrequency device. Loose arm skin needs a combo of Ulthera, fractional resurfacing and, occasionally, diluted fillers such as Sculptra, injected with a microcannula.