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Post Facelift look

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It is not uncommon to see patients with bizarre outlines following facial surgery. That is not always the surgeon’s fault. Lifting aged, thinned skin over a shrunken bone frame inevitably leads to the dreaded wind tunnel look. The post-surgical jawline seems to aim straight for the earlobe, accentuating the loss of the jaw angle. The jaw looks like an “I” instead of a more youthful “L”.

Restoring facial harmony in those patients via the judicious placement of fillers is just one of our many rewarding interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

While immediate side effects like swelling and bruising subside in about two weeks, you can expect to see results after six to eight weeks.

Exact results vary from person to person. However, research has shown that people who received a facelift viewed their new appearance as an average of 12 years younger.

The general consensus is that you’ll know if you see someone with a bad facelift. Botched facelifts can result in a receding hairline, overly arched eyebrows, stretched or puckered skin, uneven ears, misshapen eyes, and difficulty moving the face. Normal surgery side effects include facial bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness. Side effects should lessen after two weeks, but someone will indefinitely have the other concerns if their procedure was faulty.