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Uneven Complexion

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Radiant skin glows and reflects light. 

An uneven complexion makes the skin blotchy and dull. It is often the result of irregular pigmentation,
ruddiness, wide pores, wrinkles, old scars, small bumps. 

We have an extensive armamentarium of laser and light devices, radiofrequency and ultrasound approaches,
peels and needling procedures to address each one of these. 

A great trend in dermatology has been to combine treatments so as to safely address as many concerns
as possible all at the same time. The results achieved from combination treatments are often greater
than the sum of the individual ones.

For instance, a popular one is the IPL Photofacial-Microneedling combo. The IPL or Intense Pulsed Light,
emits a wide range of wavelengths that lighten both brown and red discolorations. Microneedling uses
an array of microscopic needles to power through the upper skin layers to stimulate collagen, deliver
growth factors and shrink pores.

Just 3 of these monthly 40 minute sessions can do wonders to restore radiance to your skin.

For those with zero tolerance for down time, light peels, Clear & Brilliant or Permea
will give your skin a freshening booster.