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Unwanted Fat

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We all understand that a well-balanced diet and regular exercising are the basis for a healthy life style.
That being said, life circumstances often conspire to gradually accumulate fat in unwelcome places, whereas
dieting rarely makes it disappear exactly where we’d like it to. To add insult to injury, dieting shrinks fat cells,
it doesn’t eliminate them.

We at Greenwich Dermatology TM understood this dilemma and were therefore the first to introduce
CoolSculpting in CT, which in turn has given us the longest experience here to date. Lucky for you, we
have two devices, so that both your sides can be treated at the same time. 

In addition, we have all the newest applicators, specifically designed to shorten treatment times
and address every type of fat bulge. 

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The hottest device on the block, Greenwich Dermatology TM  was again the first practice to introduce
Emsculpt in CT. Specifically designed to give you tighter abs in 2 weeks, Emsculpt will also decrease tummy
fat by  up to 22% within 3 months after treatment

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The BTL Vanquish is the only FDA-cleared contactless selective radiofrequency technology
that targets the largest treatment area in a single session. It is most helpful in circumferential
abdominal and thigh fat reduction.

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