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MiraDry is the first and only FDA-cleared new generation technology to treat underarm sweating and odor. It is safe, non-surgical and gives immediate results. It has been used in over 60,000 treatments.


The treatment is performed in the office. A local anesthesia is administered to the underarm prior to treatment and is completed in about one hour.  After treatment, you may experience temporary swelling and soreness in the treated area. These sensations typically clear up within a few days. Results can be noticed in as little as one treatment. Some require more than one session. We will determine the best protocol for your desired results.

Since local anesthesia is administered to the underarm prior to treatment, most patients experience little to no discomfort.

Downtime includes underarm swelling and some tenderness for a few weeks. Patients can return to normal activity right after treatment and typically resume exercise within several days.

MiraDry treatments do not affect the rest of your body’s ability to sweat.

If underarm sweating is a problem for you, please call us to make an appointment at 203.661.7546


The proprietary MiraDry energy is delivered deep in the skin where the sweat glands reside, all while protectively cooling the surface skin. The decreased sweating has been reported as permanent.