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Lips are the most animated part of our face and therefore command major attention: yours and everyone else’s!

Characteristics of young, beautiful, natural lips include:

  • Symmetry
  • Volume that complements facial shape
  • Upper to lower lip proportion may be: 1 to 1, 1 to 1.2, 1 to 1,6, 1 to 2 depending on what best fits the person’s facial shape or ethnicity.
  • In all races, gorgeous lips display most of their volume within the space between 2 lines drawn straight down from the inner eye corners. Extending filler beyond that boundary will create a fish mouth look.

Aging thinning lips:

  • When lips just start to thin, just a little filler is all that’s needed to keep them kissable.
  • More significant lip thinning is often associated with upper lip wrinkling. In this case, the lip wrinkles should be addressed at the same time.
  • When rejuvenating an aging face, it is imperative to restore at least a tiny bit of lip volume to ensure an overall refreshed look


  • Over-injection of the lip pulp, often described as “the #2 sausage in a #1 casing look.
  • Over-projection of the upper lip leading to the dreaded duck lip.
  • Treating aging lips without addressing aging around the mouth, such as lip wrinkles, down turned mouth corners and marionette lines.
  • Permanent fillers = absolute no-no in the lips.

Frequently Asked Questions

If they are placed by a skilled dermatologist at a clean, reputable clinic, lip fillers are usually very safe. However, there is always a small risk that someone will have an allergic reaction or other negative outcome. In this case, it’s crucial to seek emergency services as soon as possible to get the fillers removed and treat the reaction.

Most doctors recommend a one milliliter (mL) syringe of lip filler per session. For some people, half of a milliliter is more appropriate. The exact dosage will vary based on if and when the person has had fillers before. Dermatologists will also take into consideration the current size of your lips, since some people may only need a small amount to balance the two lips out.

Yes, but this is rare. If your filler has migrated beyond the location where you want it, you might notice bumps, knots, bruising, discoloration, and sensitivity. The good news is that the chances of this happening are very slim if you get your fillers from a respected dermatologist.

The national average for one syringe is $600, but this varies based on how much filler is injected each session.