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Welcome, we’ve been wondering where you’ve been!

We would love to tell you about all the wonderful things that have happened in the world of men’s dermatology.

However, before we start, do yourself a favor. Please get your whole body checked. We’re not talking about a quick 2 second look over. We mean all over, top to bottom, front and back, all the creases and all the nooks and crannies.

Melanoma is on a galloping rise, especially in males 50 and over. Let us remind you that melanoma is 100% curable if detected early, but near 100% deadly if detected late. As you can see, this is a no-brainer. Just do it.

You also do not have to walk around with dandruff, rosacea, rashes of all sorts or annoying lumps and bumps. We are board certified dermatologists, we can treat those.

Now for the fun stuff.

If you are a novice at this, have fun reading and learning. You are not alone. Men now make up 10% of cosmetic procedures in the US. Seeing their peers openly and happily partaking in self-improvement and maintenance, men have been dropping their reluctance in droves.

The pressure of living in a youth obsessed culture has undoubtedly fueled the fire, but it is unquestionably possible today to prolong the youthful phase of both body and face.

For those who are a few decades ahead, we have noticed a parallel trend in accepting and enjoying one’s age by adhering to strict rules:

  • Remaining socially and intellectually active
  • Grooming, including wearing well cut clothing
  • Maintaining strength and fitness, they are reflected in all your movements.
  • Keeping an athletic, erect gait. It exudes controlled energy and commands attention.
  • Helping your face project health and vigor. And that is where we can help.