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PDO Thread Lift

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Face & Neck

Face & Neck

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Lips
  • Early jowls
  • Flattening cheeks
  • Drooping eyebrows
  • Crepey cheek skin
  • Neck laxity
  • Upper lip lines


  • Buttocks
  • Knees
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Stomach
  • Breast
  • Decolletage
  • Hands
  • Arms/Batwing


A PDO thread lift represents a major advance in safe, non-surgical tissue lifting. This is not to be confused with the previous 3 generations of “lunchtime thread lifts” which we purposely and thankfully never embraced as they were fraught with all sorts of problems. A PDO thread lift, on the other hand, is a very safe, no-incision, clean and predictable procedure,if performed by physicians with the proper expertise and an esthetic eye. It allows us to give patients improvements well beyond what was possible before. As with everything in our office, we made sure we had those threads placed in our own faces before ever using them on patients. The result:


Contour threads are used by surgeons to vertically lift facial tissues in the lower face, jawline, chin, or another area of the face. Unlike traditional facelifts patients will have minimal downtime following their procedure. Recovery time after a contour thread lift procedure will be fast for the treated area with little swelling in most candidates.

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The possibilities are endless really!


  • People on blood thinners, habitual smokers and heavy drinkers. (Risk of bruising and bleeding).
  • Patients with compromised immune systems. (Risk of infection)
  • Within 6 months of a surgical facelift
  • People with very thin skin. (Risk of bunching)
  • People with very heavy skin. (Threads may not be able to pull up skin)
  • Heavy jowls (Surgical candidates)
  • Unreasonable expectations.
  • People who do not want fillers.


  • PDO threads are made of FDA-cleared polydioxanone or PDO.
  • PDO is a sterile, biodegradable, monofilament synthetic polymer.
  • PDO contains no heavy metals and is hypoallergenic.
  • PDO sutures have been used in human bodies for decades, notably during pediatric cardiac surgeries.
  • In the cosmetic arena, PDO has been found to have a dual function.
  • When used as barbed sutures, it is capable of lifting tissue and holding it in place.
  • When used as smooth, non-barbed, hair fine threads, it acts as a skin volumizer and skin tightener.
  • PDO itself increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and new collagen, it also improves local microcirculation, all of which result in increased skin elasticity and firmness.
  • Basically, the barbed threads lift and stimulate the skin, while the smooth ones fill in loose skin, tighten it and contract it inward.
  • These attributes can majorly improve skin texture and contour, leaving it firmer, more elastic and better hydrated.


Get your eyebrows looking trimmed and styled without getting any expensive waxing done. Greenwich Dermatology will do an amazing job and provide a great service to ensure your eyebrow treatment is seamless and provides results. Regardless of your specific hair, Greenwich Dermatology will improve the look of your eyebrows the natural way. Get a brow wax or eyebrow threading that looks fantastic.

Eyebrow threading is a better look than the look of makeup and is better than makeup applications.

Our team provides a personal connection with each appointment to deliver such great things in each treatment. You will receive the best eyebrow threading experience where you can get the hint of a tint to your eyebrows that are better than spray tanning.


Greenwich Dermatology isn’t a hair salon, but our treatments are certainly better and safer than most salons. We have many individuals who come in for a regular manicure and other treatments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Eyebrow threading is a hair removal technique. With any of these techniques, there is a chance for minor pains or discomforts. Overall, there should be minimal pain during this treatment.

Because hair is taken out at the root, which weakens as a result of this procedure, it will begin to grow back sparse and finer after repeated threading. Re-threading may be done as soon as the hair grows just above the skin, but waxing requires the hair to be at least 2/8” long before it can be removed again.

Waxing typically takes less time to complete, but it can cause more agitation to the patient on the waxing spot. Eyebrow threading is less painful than waxing and there are no risks of burns or swelling.

Similar to other lifting procedures, a PDO Thread Lift is not permanent. It usually takes around 2 years for the implanted threads to dissolve. However, people often notice that the effects continue after the threads are gone because the body begins making more collagen in those areas.

It is safe to get this procedure every 16-18 months to maintain results.

No. This non-invasive procedure is performed using local anesthesia (numbing to the area that is getting lifted). Threads are then injected into the skin using a needle, the needle is pulled out, and excess thread is trimmed away.

The most common side effects that people report after this procedure are pulling sensations, some stinging, and itching to the injection site. These are normal and usually subside in 3 to 5 weeks.