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Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks, called striae, virtually always appear during adolescence or early adulthood or with a pronounced weight loss after obesity. In men, they are commonly located on the lower back and around the armpits. In women, breasts, stomach, hips and upper thighs are often affected. They are normally not considered to be associated with a medical condition, except in Cushing syndrome, prolonged internal cortisone treatments, major weight gain (or many weight fluctuations) and chemotherapy.

The best time to treat striae is in their early stages when they still appear red and the elastic tissue hasn’t been totally destroyed yet.  Early stages are treated using a combination of a pulsed dye laser (PDL), addressing the redness), fractionated non-ablative laser (Fraxel) or a radiofrequency device (Endymed Infini/3DEEP) for skin tightening and collagen/elastin stimulation. Stretch marks become white and atrophic as they mature. At that stage, the same approach would be used with the exception of the PDL. The goal then would be to tighten and improve the stretch marks’ skin texture.

There are many types of stretch marks, but most stretch marks are typically red, purple, pink, or brown at first, and can result from an extreme weight loss, pregnancy, Over time, the brilliant streaks generally fade to a paler tint. Stretch marks alter the texture of your skin by producing indentations along the rippling lines. The striae are more frequent in younger, pregnant women with a family history of stretch marks, although they can also occur following rapid weight reduction or increase.

How do laser procedures lessen the appearance of stretch marks or scars?

Depending on the patient, there’s a laser procedure that can help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks. This doesn’t mean it will eliminate them altogether (this is a common misconception).

Our dermatologists in Greenwich, CT can address the aesthetic shortcomings of your skin and diagnose a proper laser stretch mark removal treatment for a variety of skin types. Side effects will include minimal swelling to the area.

Stretch mark removal laser treatments use a sophisticated system that encourages the synthesis of collagen, elastin, and other healthy skin proteins in the skin’s sub-dermal layers beneath the existing scar tissue. Repeated treatments will lighten the pinkish or reddish look of the stretch mark, allowing the new skin tissue to match your original skin tone and texture. Laser treatments for stretch marks nearly work like a magic eraser for many individuals – your skin will be as good as new after numerous treatments.

Instead of going to a plastic surgeon and undergoing a costly surgical procedure, come to the professionals at Greenwich Dermatology to get the safest and most long-lasting treatment options for you.